Servicing and Repairs


Your gates are often the first thing a visitor encounters so it is vital that they maintain their efficiency and appearance.

Swing opening and sliding gates are often subject to punishing wear and tear, and will require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.


Full Service and Repair Service
We offer a complete service from the most basic repair to replacing the main parts of the opening mechanism. Our manufacturers recommend that the gates and electric operators should be serviced every 12 months, otherwise this could invalidate your guarantee.

Just give us a call and we can arrange an annual service for a reasonable pre-quoted charge.

JB Gate Systems provide a professional and reliable repair and maintenance service to protect your investment


Spares and Accessories
We stock an extensive range of spares and accessories - do contact us with your requirements.

With our dedicated team of engineers and a long term commitment to customer service, JB Gate Systems is well placed to serve your repair and maintenance needs

A planned maintenance agreement will ensure potential faults are discovered and corrected at an early stage.  This can help reduce the risk of expensive and perhaps major repairs at a future date.

We will carry our routine maintenance and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that closing speeds are correct and door latches properly, ensuring the safety of your staff.

Call us to discuss our repair services and regular maintenance contracts.