Your Ideal System


How to choose your ideal system
The three main equstions to ask when specifying your ideal system are:

  • Are you going to use existing gates or choose new ones?
  • Are the gates going to swing open or slide open?
  • How do you wan to control access?

Existing or new gates?
It is generally possible to convert most existing manual gates to automatic operation. We are happy to visit you on site and advise you if conversion is possible and if any changes are necessary. It is important to consider the physical condition of the gateposts to ensure they are suitable for mounting the gate openers and accessories.

If you decide on a new installation, JB Gate Systems can advise you on how to achieve your exact requirements regarding post sizes, positions suitable gates and provision for cabling etc.


Swing opening or sliding gates?
The choice is largely down to the space available - swing gates require a clear space for their opening, while sliding gates reuire space at one or both sides of the gates. Sliding gates are perhaps the best choice when drive space is limited as they use the least space when opening

Sliding gates, like the example above, also offer higher levels of security as they are more difficult to force.


How to control your gates
You will probably want to control the gates from your car using a hand-held remote control, but you also need to consider access for postman, milkman, paperboy etc., and also friends and visitors arriving by vehicle or on foot.

Remote Controls use secure radio frequency transmitters to allow the gates to be opened without leaving the car.


Intercom Systems allow you to hear or hear and see visitors and activate the gates from the house. Telephone interface units can use your existing telphone handset to talk to callers and activate your gates.


Keypad Entry Units allow remote access for visitors and can be programmed to your own security number and interfaced with intercom systems.


Timer Controls can be used to open and close the gates at selected times of the day or to time restrict access by remote control.

Vehicle Induction Loops can be installed discreetly under the tarmac, allowing the presence of specific vehicles to open the gates and prevent closing while obstructed.

... which type of opener to choose?