Frequently Asked Questions

  Q - If you install power gates, how do visitors get in when the house is empty?   A Basically, they don't - the gates are there to provide perimeter security. However some systems provide a facility that calls the mobile number of the owner when someone is seeking access, and the owner can release the gates even if they are hundreds of miles away.  
  Q - I already have some substantial gates at the entrance to my property - can they be automated?   A Generally most gates can be automated, but there may be some exceptions. Much will depend on the site layout, the state of repair of the existing gates, the gate posts and hinges, and the gate leaf alignment. Why not call us for a free survey?  
  Q - What happens to my power gates in the event of a power failure?   A We always provide the owner with manual release keys and instructions on how to release the automation system in the event of a power failure. Some systems also come with battery back up.  
  Q - How will I know there are people at the gate when it is closed?   A Almost all the systems we install have an audio or video intercom which enables visitors to contact the home owner. The intercom may be wired or wireless and can be linked to an existing 'phone system.  
  Q - I have an inclined driveway - does this preclude the fitting of electric gates?   A No. Clearly an inclined drive can limit the openting of gates, but it may be possible to have swing gates that open away from the property (as long as they don't obstruct the public highway, or fit a sliding gate or gates which slide to either side of the entrance  
  Q - What are loop detectors ?   A A loop detector can be buried in the tarmac to detect the presence of a vehicle and send a command to the gate controller. This means the gates can be made to open automatically when a vehicle leaves or arrives without the use of a remote control.  
  Q - Will I need special electric locks?   A Although some gate motors automatically lock in the open or closed positions, some large gate leaves, say over 2m wide, may require some form of electric lock to maximise security.